The Game-Changer Brand for Perfect Digital Solutions

Mead Mass Media offers a complete solution of video production, UI UX, Web development, and digital marketing services for maximum results.

We are a leading Boston based agency for all your digital solutions. With a strong focus on creativity, innovation, and delivering exceptional results, we provide a range of services including video production, web development, UI/UX design, and digital marketing. Our goal is to help businesses thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape by creating impactful and engaging experiences for their target audiences.

We are the one-stop shop for all digital solutions. Just for you.

Who Are We?

Mead Mass Media is a team of passionate professionals who deliver high-quality digital solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs.

We believe in the power of effective communication and leverage our expertise in various domains to help businesses achieve their goals.

Our diverse team consists of talented individuals from different backgrounds, including videographers, web developers, designers, and marketers, and expert content writers, who collaborate seamlessly to bring ideas to life.

Our Capabilities:

Extensive research and competitive analysis.

Experienced team of digital marketing specialists.

Constant adherence to delivery timelines.

Class-leading service quality.

Timely Assistance within 24 Hours.

Utmost focus on customer satisfaction.

Customer-centric strategies and campaigns.

Our Approach to Processes

At Mead Mass Media, this is how we go about with our processes for your needs:

  • Communicate Directly with Expert 92% 92%
  • Communicate Directly with Team 86% 86%
  • Work Challenge Handling Capacity 92% 92%
  • Weekly/Monthly Call with Manager 96% 96%
  • Expert Consultation for Your New Launch 89% 89%
  • Work Deliverability and Quality 100% 100%

Our Strong Team

Jay Kumar

Founder & CEO
Visionary founder with a proven track record in video production & marketing, leading the team to success.

Mahesh Keshvala

Visualization & Production
Highly skilled in video production, directing and editing with an eye for detail and creativity.

Priya Shandilya

Creative writer and editor with a talent for producing engaging content across various media platforms.

Rajendra Patidar

Marketing Director
A deep understanding of the industry, market trends, and consumer behavior to make informed marketing decisions.